About Us

We are manufacturing various range and Models of Two Wheel tractors ,power weeders,power tillers ,water pump-set ,Htp spray systems with usful 20 to 30 Attachment for power weeder,power tiller,Mini Power weeder and power tiller tractors . All type  manufactures agricultural machinery and for greens maintenance ,our machine useful for Horticulture farmers our machine use in Banana,Greps,Sugercane,Turmaric,Cotton,Sweet lamon,Custerd Apple all type bed and plane surface tilling and remove weedes with soil filling Earth Ups ,Bed Mking ,Plouhing,Furro,seed drill,Trolly ,Water Pumps,Spryers ,Cutting Crop With Reaper for different types of Agriculture Land.Our wide range of Two Wheel tractors ,power weeders,power tillers ,water pump-set ,Htp spray systems.